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Inhale fine sea air ...

Take your time and enjoy the new salt inhalation room "Salounge"

Enjoy this healing dry salt climate and breathe in pure sea-salt air. Some time in the salt inhalation room with Himalayan Crystal salt is equivalent to a holiday at the sea. For our guests, this attraction is included in price.

Due to their fine structure, salt particles can easily penetrate your body cells, as well as your respiratory tract. The results are thoroughly cleansed airways and revitalisation of your skin. Regular inhalation also strengthens the immune system. The success of the treatment from the inhalation of dry salt in the case of asthma, bronchitis, cystic fibrosis or COPD usually is noticeable a few days later.

The main difference between the salt grottos and dry inhalation rooms is the quality of air. Normal salt grottos, which are built with salt-stone walls, cannot provide the air quality given through a dry inhalation room. In order to achieve the same cleaning effect, the saline generators must produce more than 17 times the amount of salt used.

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