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Hiking in South Tyrol

Wonderful hiking tours in South Tyrol

Mother Dorfer and Valtele Karl will accompany you on your hiking trip to some of the most beautiful places in the area. Once you arrive at your destination, you can relax, enjoy the scenery and re-charge your batteries, breathing in the fresh and tingly Alpine air. Climb high into the mountains and get close to the sky.

Guided tours to the mountain summits are one of our specialities at Quellenhof Sport & Wellness Resort. Over snow and ice, our experienced hiking guides will take you right up to the mountain tops. Experience the fascinating panoramic views and enjoy our beautiful mountain world. At the summit, high above everything else, you will get this incredible feeling of freedom. The breath-taking view of the Alps at such a high altitude will leave a lasting impression on you. Take a break at one of the clear mountain lakes or a cosy mountain restaurant where you can re-energise. Looking down into the valley from high up the mountain will make all your problems seem so trivial!

In order to experience South Tyrol even more, we offer attractive Quellenhof Special Hiking Weeks during the spring and autumn. Please ask at the reception if you are interested in tour suggestions, or looking for maps etc. or any other information relating to hiking in South Tyrol.

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